Centrifuge for applying finishing agents

Different insert basket for bobbins or top bumps, suitable for centrifuging dyed spools or top bumps and to refine and finish yarns by applying finishing agents such as softeners or impregnation materials.

Centrifuge with storage reservoir and mixer to combine softener, bleaching, impregnation agents, etc.; pump to route agent to dosing container; dosing container with valves and pneumatic connection to spray into centrifuge.

The insert baskets can be loaded or unloaded with the spools / top bumps, either individually or as complete columns.

This allows for a more frequent operation of the centrifuge and significantly shortens downtime.

Automatic programme sequence of the centrifuge possible with or without finishing agent.

These centrifuges, too, are offered with the previously described, different damper, motor, and drive options.

Insert basket for bumps

Insert basket for yarn spools

Centrifuge for applying finishing agents DKE-SP-1500-AV

Storage reservoir, mixer, dosing container, pump etc.

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