Pure innovation: the CENTRI-DYE

Join us into the future

Since the foundation of our company in 1920, we have been specialising in the construction and production of centrifuges designed for various branches of industry.

Our experience of many years reflects in our constructions. An excellent manufactoring at which not only the interior rotating components of the centrifuge are made of high-grade stainless steel, but also the casting with its protecting cover, the hinges and consoles etc. is our absolute standard as well as the most modern drive technology such as special motors for centrifuges or three-phase AC-motors controlled by frequency converters or power feedback during braking, control by PLC, SPS etc., which we are developing constantly.

The same philosophy applies to our centrifuges themselves, which are permanently improved, with the result that our machines become better, more efficient, more economical and more favourable in their acquisition.

Due to these developments, we have been able to extend our product range by developing our CENTRI-DYE, centrifuge for textile dyeing, in cooperation with experts of textile industry. This machine is able to dye, bleach, wash, revive colours, centrifuge etc., economizing large amounts of water, dye-stuff, auxiliaries and energy in comparision with the convetional combination of a dyeing apparatus and a centrifuge.
  1. A more favourable price in comparison with the combination of dyeing apparatus and centrifuge.
  2. By saving great amounts of water and energy the machine pays off within a very short time.
These are the arguments that should convince you of the high performance of our CENTRI-DYE!!

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to dye samples of your products in order to show to you the capacities of our machine.

Did the title of this text promise too much??

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