Centrifuge with impregnating system

The images on this page show a centrifuge used to dip and impregnate nets.

The nets are loaded into the centrifuge either individually or as a complete unit using a loading net. The impregnating fluid located in a storage reservoir is pumped into the basket through 2 feeder pipes while the centrifuge stands still. The extra impregnating fluid is extracted from the nets after a short reaction time using the centrifugal process and pumped back into the reservoir.

This type of immersion impregnation centrifuge is used whenever spraying on of the softener or bleaching agent, etc. does not meet the requirements of the product during the finishing phase ( impregnating, softening, etc. ) of textile products. Centrifuge and pump speeds are controlled via frequency converters.

The impregnation centrifuge programme runs automatically. Additional programmes allow for the mixing of the impregnation fluid in the reservoir, as well as a cleaning and washing process whereby the cleaning fluid drained through a seperate drainpipe.

All of these centrifuges can be delivered with the design and equipment described previously.

Impregnating centrifuge with storage reservoir

Impregnating centrifuge VKAN 1500 T

Detail view of impregnating centrifuge

Detail view of impregnating centrifuge

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