Net centrifuge

Net centrifuges are suitable for centrifuging textiles, skeins of material, knits, woven textiles, piece goods, hank yarns, etc.

The basket is without rim with a sturdy lid of basket, which is also useful for transporting loaded nets.

We also offer suitable transport carts corresponding in size with the respective basket size for directly loading nets at the dye unit and to transport the goods from the dye vats to the centrifuge and from the centrifuge to further processing and finishing equipment.

Types designed same as the standard centrifuges DKEN / VKEN und A-Type, with special centrifuge motor, with or without frequency converter, with or without energy recuperation when braking.

The primary benefit of our centrifuge with Visco damper is that is does not have to be fastened to the floor but is installed on a special support base.

Vibration monitors are built into all of our centrifuges, starting at a basket diameter of 1200 mm, to monitor permissible eccentricities and unbalanced forces, which brake the centrifuge until it comes to a standstill or reaches permissible centrifugal speeds if permissible values are exceeded.

See the technical descriptions for the capacity, basket dimension and possible speeds of the DKEN / VKEN and A types.

DKEN 1200 x 600

Transportcarts with nets

VKEN 1800 x 1000

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