Centrifuge for conical bobbins

This centrifuge design features bobbins that are inserted radially to the side of the basket using mandrels. The mandrels correspond in shape and size to the bobbin cases. The bobbin are inserted with the large diameter towards the basket wall and kept in place by a curved support plate matching the diameter of the bobbins. This prevents the deforming of bobbins during the centrifuging process.

The depicted centrifuge, model KSP 650 x 320, has a capacity of 12 conical bobbins with a diameter of 170/150 mm x 150 mm height, on 4 degrees, 20 cones.

Centrifuging speed
1000 - 1500 l/min
Diameter of basket
650 mm
Inner height of basket
320 mm

Centrally integrated centrifuge motor; the basket is located directly on top of the motor shaft; speed is controlled via frequency converter; electric or pneumatic lid lock; all parts except the base plate are made from high-quality stainless steel.

All of our centrifuges are available with three-columns, Visco damper, built-in motor, external motor, Frequency converter.

The capacity of the centrifuge should match the tasks at hand; otherwise, the centrifuge might become too big, unwieldy and thus inefficient an uneconomic. Large quantities of conical bobbins should be centrifuged in the form of complete bobbin columns using the bobbin centrifuge for bobbin columns described on the previous page.

The diameter and height of the spool as well as the dimension of the cone determine the construction of the centrifuge.

KSP 650 x 320

DKSP 1000 x 600

VKSP 900 x 500

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