Centrifuge for cylindrical bobbins

Single or complete column of bobbins

Special design centrifuge with rimless basket.

Perforated indentations are on the inside of the cylindrical basket shell, which correspond in size to the diameter of the bobbins. The individual bobbins are either stacked into these indentations or entire bobbin columns are inserted.

Using different bobbin insert baskets loaded and unloaded outside of the centrifuge allows for the utilisation of bobbins that differ greatly in diameter or with top bumps.

The bobbin centrifuges, like all other types, can be equipped with different dampers, motors, and drives.

Easy calculation to determine design of a bobbin centrifuge for bobbin columns:

Diameter of bobbins
240 mm
Height of column
1200 mm
Wished capacity
20 pieces

(240 + 20) x 20 : 3.14 = 1656

VKE SP 1700 x 1250

Diameter of basket
1700 mm
Inner height of basket
1250 mm

In case of stacked individual bobbins, the basket height is the result of the number of bobbins stacked on top of one another.


Bobbin centrifuge with bobbin column

Basket for bobbins Ĝ 1600 mm x 1200 mm

Bobbin centrifuge with pneumatically operated lid of basket

Basket for bobbins Ĝ 1500 mm x 800 mm

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