Standard centrifuge

Suitable to centrifuge hank yarns, woven textiles, knits, skeins, piece goods, etc.

Basket features rim, suitable for manual loading and unloading.

Centrifuge using the well-proven three-column construction.

DKE=Centrally integrated special centrifuge motor, suitable for severe starting conditions of centrifuges, soft start, pole-changeable (2 speeds) and electrical braking of the machine. The basket is located directly on the upper shaft end of the motor, which also serves as a sturdy bedding.

1500 x 700 = Basket Ĝ 1500 mm x 700 mm inner basket height

FU = Motor construction suitable for frequency converter operation, with or without current recuperation when braking.

Typ: A = In special cases, it is also possible to equip the centrifuges with a three-phase motor with V-belt drive installed in a console at the side of the trough.

VKE = Centrifuge on stable base plate with special Visco damper. Contrary to conventional three column designs, this new vibration insulator is capable of absorbing much higher eccentricities and unbalanced forces caused by the centrifuging material.

The loading device depicted is suitable for loading and unloading of knits, woven textiles, etc. supplied to the centrifuge in the form of hanks or skeins. The device can be rotated 180 degrees for unloading.

A table listing information about the capacity of the Type DKE / VKE and A types as well as basket dimension and peak centrifugal speeds are located on the next to last page.

Standard centrifuge DKE 1500 x 700 FU

Switch cabinet with frequency converter

VKE 1650 with loading device for textiles

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